Why FlowerPass?

  • Scheduled delivery subscription

  • Never forget the date

  • It's ongoing until you tell it to stop

  • Avoid flower ordering stress!


Flat rate, no surprise add on charges at checkout, a multi-occasion discount program.

About FlowerPass

Flowerpass is a discounted recurring flower and related items delivery service.

Our users create their profile and can easily add recipients for a scheduled delivery service using our flowerpass.com platform. Delivery dates/occasions, items, personal messages are saved into the recipients' list. Our user sits back and lets flowerpass do the rest. User will receive an email from flowerpass.com 3 weeks prior to each delivery to remind him of the occasion and delivery. Confirm the recepient and delivery address. User will be able to add a personalized message. They will also be able to choose flower type, upgrade sizes, add options like stuffed teddy bear or chocolates, or to skip this delivery this time around.

The best thing is that its EASY and AUTOMATIC!! If he's happy with the delivery, User just lets it happen!



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